Fotoalbum/Photo gallery:

Blanco Pirata Granit, living in Finland.

Best friends!

LP 1-Blanco Pirata Nixon

December 2009

Summer 2009 

 BP.Piraya and BP.White, May 2009

PPC Pocha almost 6 years                                                                            Blanco Pirata Oris                                                             Blanco Pirata Oris 8 weeks 
Morning-walk in the beautiful area near our house
BP.West N´Pearls with her friend                                                             BP.Jaquindra training

BP.Lane, Aug-2007 and Lane with her friend - a cat :))  Owner: Erika Larsson

Korad Sincher´s Devil, our German Pinscher. RIP 1994-2007.We miss you!
 BP.Galathea, Owner Jessica Gidlund
                                                                    BP:Eldorado/Photo by Elin Stockberg 2007 

Summer 2007 /  Sleeping
7 day old puppy from our K-litter, december 2006

Blanco Pirata Esmeralda became Swedish Champion in Piteå, may-07.Here with happy owner and breeder :)
Sweet friends, BP.Kato and puppy                                                                      Chester Del Gualilan, 14 month
                                                                              Exigor´s Kahlua Kiss, BIS-1 puppy, Mälarpinschern 1999
Copyright fotograf Jessica Pettersson
Blanco Pirata Eldorado

Our "J-litter",  Summer 2006, Foto by Kennel Raggen

Blanco Pirata Felizia Owner: Kennel Estrellapinsh, Norway

One of our import dogs: IntCh SUCh FINCh DKUCh NORDUCh EECh SV-06 Perro Pelea Cordobes Pocha 

     BP.Fröken Garbo
     NORDUCh Blanco Pirata Esmeralda                       Blanco Pirata Felizia in Christmas time :))  

Lyon and Minipinschers                                                                          "Sizzla"                                                       "Luna"
Our "E-litter"
Exigor´s Pomperi Possa , 8 weeks old and sweet BP.West N´Pearls