What are binder clips called?

A binder clip, less commonly known as a paper clamp or foldover clip or bobby clip, is a simple device for binding sheets of paper together.

Why is a bulldog clip called a bulldog clip?

Possibly a reference to the strength of a bulldog ‘s bite. Regarding sense 1 (“ binder clip with rigid handles”), Bulldog was originally a trademark registered to Brandsley Limited in the United Kingdom in 1944.

What is a bulldog clip used for?

A bulldog clip is a device for temporarily but firmly binding sheets of paper together. It consists of a rectangular sheet of springy steel curved into a cylinder, with two flat steel strips inserted to form combined handles and jaws.

What size are small binder clips?

Office Depot® Brand Binder Clips, Small, 3/4″ Wide, 3/8″ Capacity, Black, 12 Clips Per Box, Pack Of 12 Boxes Item # 825182.

What do British people call binders?

1. How are ring binders called in British English? According to the “Ring binder ” entry on Wikipedia, they are “sometimes called files in Britain “, but searching British ebay it seems “folder” can mean loads of different things.

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What can I use instead of binder clips?

Binder Clip Alternatives

  • Paper Clips. Paper clips are thin wires bent into curves to allow them to hold paper.
  • Staples. Staples are thin pieces of metal that are driven through paper with a stapler.
  • Binding. Many types of binding are available, such as coil, comb, strip, and book bindings.
  • Rubber Bands.
  • Pushpins and Magnets.
  • Prong Fasteners.

How do you measure a bulldog clip?

Hello! Our Small Binder Clips (19mm) would be measured across the top. So for example, if you ordered Small Red Clips, the 19mm would be measured across the top of the red plastic.

What size is a standard bulldog clip?

Compare with similar items

This item X-ACTO #1 Bulldog Clips, 1.25 Inches, Box of 36 X-ACTO #2 Bulldog Clips, 2.25 Inches, Box of 36
Customer Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars (807) 4.7 out of 5 stars (121)
Price $1679 $1407
Sold By BestSource OfficeSupplies Amazon.com
Item Dimensions 3.25 x 4.25 x 2.75 inches 4 x 5.5 x 3.38 inches


Why are they called binder clips?

Binder clip, also known as a foldback or banker’s clip. It is called a binder clip because the bent metal clips may be removed, creating a semi-permanent binding (see right). so called because it is a brand name registered in 1944.

What are the largest binder clips?

Extra- large binder clip features an approximate width of 60mm (2.4″) and a capacity to hold up to 250 sheets. These jumbo binder clips are ideal for organizing and holding together a large stack of documents and files. The loops at the apex are designed to prevent the steel edges from cutting into the paper.

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How do you hold pages together?

There are several different ways to “staple bind” your paper together, including basic office staplers that press a metal staple into your stack (usually placed on the corner or edge), saddle stitchers that use a spool of wire and cut and sew it into the spine of a folded stack of pages, and booklet makers that will

What are the sizes of paper clips?

How are paper clips classified by size? Paper clips are classified as jumbo, #1, #2, or #3 when referring to size. These classifications indicate the length of the paper clip.

Does Dollar Tree sell binder clips?

Packs | Dollar Tree. Product details page for Black Metal Binder Clips, 12-ct. Packs is loaded. Log in page is closed.

Are binder clips rust proof?

Fold 1 handle back, and the clip becomes a handy hanging device. Handles detach for permanent binding. Black, rust – proof steel construction ensures years of use. Specifications.

Piece Count 48
Brand Office Depot
Assembled Product Weight 3.10 oz


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