How many Bulldog Drummond movies were there?

Between 1937 and 1939, Paramount made eight Bulldog Drummond films. Bulldog Drummond Escapes is the only film in the Paramount series in which Ray Milland played the lead.

Who has played Bulldog Drummond?

90 min. Bulldog Drummond is a 1929 American pre-Code crime film in which Hugh “Bulldog” Drummond helps a beautiful young woman in distress. The film stars Ronald Colman as the title character, Claud Allister, Lawrence Grant, Montagu Love, Wilson Benge, Joan Bennett, and Lilyan Tashman.

Did Bulldog Drummond ever get married?

Phyllis is waiting for Drummond in a French village with her aunt Blanche Clavering (Elizabeth Patterson), to be married the next day. The villains meet their end in a roof-top fight and Bulldog finally ties the matrimonial knot in an explosive finale to his bachelorhood.

When was Bulldog Drummond written?

Bulldog Drummond (play)

Bulldog Drummond
Written by H.C. McNeile Gerald du Maurier
Date premiered 29 March 1921
Place premiered Wyndham’s Theatre, London
Original language English

Who is Bulldog Durham?

Hugh ” Bulldog ” Drummond is a fictional character, created by H. C. McNeile and published under his pen name “Sapper”. Drummond is a First World War veteran who, fed up with his sedate lifestyle, advertises looking for excitement, and becomes a gentleman adventurer.

How old is John Drummond?

John W. Drummond
Born September 29, 1919 Greenwood, South Carolina
Died September 3, 2016 (aged 96) Ninety Six, South Carolina
Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Holly Self (m. 1947, d. 1999)
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