How do you draw a English bulldog?

How to Draw an English Bulldog

  1. Start by drawing a circle.
  2. Draw a straight line.
  3. Draw a smaller circle at the bottom.
  4. Draw a curved line linking the bottom and head.
  5. Add another curved line for the front leg.
  6. Put in two eyes and a heart-shaped nose.
  7. Sketch in a curvy looking triangle for the mouth.
  8. Draw in a semi-circle for the top of the nose.

How do you draw a realistic bulldog?

How to Draw a Realistic Bulldog

  1. Use a light sketching pencil to draw in the basic shape of the dog.
  2. Concentrate on the head now.
  3. Lightly draw in the folds of skin.
  4. Now concentrate on the front half of the dog.
  5. Now work on the dog’s mid and rear sections.
  6. Now apply an outline.
  7. Quickly and roughly shade in the darker spots of the dog.

How do you draw a cartoon bull?

How to Draw A Cartoon Bull

  1. First, draw a square to illustrate the big nose and huge jaw of the bull.
  2. Next, add two small rectangles to be used to create the ears.
  3. Now the body!
  4. Once you are done, draw two similar legs and feet on the far side of your animal.
  5. Now it’s time to work on the outline of your character.

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