How much money does Admiral bulldog make?

AdmiralBulldog is estimated to have earned at least $630,000 USD from various tournaments. Otherwise, it is speculated that he has around 4,75o monthly subscribers, which would earn him around $11,875 – $16,625 USD.

How much is AdmiralBulldog worth?

Therefore, Swedish streamer AdmiralBulldog has an estimated net worth of $0.5 million.

How many subscribers does Gorgc have?

Gorgc is estimated to have ~2,600 subscribers, with an average viewership of ~7,500.

How many subs does sleepy have?

According to his chat bot, sleepy has ~1,280 subscribers.

What Mouse does AdmiralBulldog use?

AdmiralBulldog uses a Razer Mamba Elite mouse.

Where is AdmiralBulldog from?

Henrik Ahnberg, better known as AdmiralBulldog, is a Swedish streamer and former professional Dota 2 player for Alliance, with whom he won The International 2013. Ahnberg has dedicated himself to streaming on Twitch, and is one of the most famous Dota2 Twitch streamers.

How much money does Arteezy make?

Arteezy, sometimes RTZ, currently ranks 22nd on the all-time player earnings leaderboard for Dota 2. He has taken home approximately $2,257,053.21 in earnings since debuting in 2013.

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Why did Gorgc leave OG?

Janne ‘ Gorgc ‘ Stefanovski, one of Dota 2’s most popular content creators, said he parted ways with OG on Thursday after a conflict of interest prevented him from being able to fulfill his streaming obligations. Gorgc joined OG in January 2020 and became a streamer who merely played Dota 2 under the organization’s name.

How old is Gorgc?


Name Janne Stefanovski
Age 27 years
Country Sweden
Team Bald
Position Carry

Why is Gorc not pro?

Gorgc left OG after a short time in 2020 citing a “conflict of interest” that prevented him from fulfilling his obligations to the organization.

How much is sleepy ow worth?

According to public sources, him salary is around $100K – $5 Million.

Year Net worth (approximately)
This year (2020) $100K – $5 Million
2019 $50K – $2 Million
Income Stream Rapper

Is Sleepy ow dating anyone?

Sleepy was officially released from the Washington Justice on October 19, 2019, and did not sign with a team for the third season of the Overwatch League, and has since retired. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his girlfriend Aelita “Seyeumi” Shiomi, where he streams full-time.

How tall is sleepy?

Sleepy (Kim Sung-won) was born on 21 February, 1984 in Bugae-dong, is a South Korean rapper. At 36 years old, Sleepy height is 6 ft 2 in (189.0 cm).

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