What size Julius harness do I need?


Harness size Chest circumference Weight of the dog
Mini 49 – 67 cm / 20 – 26.5 in 7 – 15 kg / 15,5 – 33 lbs
Size 0 58 – 76 cm / 23 – 30 in 14 – 25 kg / 31 – 55 lbs
Size 1 63 – 85 cm / 26 – 33.5 in 23 – 30 kg / 50,5 – 66 lbs
Size 2 71 – 96 cm / 28 – 37.5 in 28 – 40 kg / 61,5 – 88 lbs


How do you size a Julius K9 harness?

Measuring Your Dog

  1. Step 1)Pace four fingers behind the dog’s front legs for harnesses sized 0 to 4, and two fingers for harnesses sized Baby 1 and Baby 2.
  2. Step 2)The finger furthest away from the front legs is where you will be measuring the circumference of the dog’s chest.

What is the best harness for English Bulldog?

The 6 Best Harnesses for Bulldogs

  • Bulldog Grade Dog Harness.
  • Rabbitgoo Dog Harness.
  • Babyltrl Big Dog Harness.
  • Kurgo Tru-Fit Bulldog Harness.
  • HDP Big Dog Harness.
  • URPOWER Bulldog Harness and Leash Set.
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What size harness does my dog need?

This size guide can help you estimate which size collar or harness should best fit your dog.

Size Neck Width Weight
XS 8-12″ 5-10 lbs.
S 10-14″ 10-25 lbs.
M 14-20″ 25-55 lbs.
L 16-26″ 55-75 lbs.


Where should a harness sit on a dog?

Put the loop of the harness over your dog’s head. The harness label should sit on his left shoulder, and the metal ring for the leash should be at the center of his chest.

Are Julius K9 harnesses bad for dogs?

The harnesses are very well made, but like the above harnesses they sit right across the dog’s shoulders. I think the Julius K9 Harness is appropriate for a dog to wear in short spurts (i.e. for nosework or other dog sports on leash), but I wouldn’t recommend it for every day walking or hiking.

Is it better to walk a dog with a harness or collar?

Harnesses are usually the best choice for walking dogs because they don’t put pressure on the neck. But collars are generally more comfortable and have a place to hold an ID tag. You should use a harness and not a collar if you have a dog prone to breathing issues (like a pug).

Which Julius K9 harness is best?

Julius K9 IDC Powerharness Indeed, the company’s IDC Powerharness is arguably the most popular model on the market and certainly the brand you see most among dog walkers. This harness fits like a mini saddle across the dog’s shoulders and is our top pick for toughness, comfort and looks.

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Can you leave a harness on a dog all day?

Harnesses increase your control, prevents constant tugging and/or pulling, and is perfect for dogs with neck and oesophagus injuries. But just like dog collars, it’s best not to leave them on your dog all the time.

Is a harness better for a bulldog?

Harnesses are safer for bulldogs than collars, and generally easy to use. If you’re looking for a safer, more comfortable walk for both you and your pooch, you may want to consider making the switch to a harness. It isn’t always easy to find the right harness for your dog.

Do English bulldogs get attached?

Bulldogs are very similar to a toddler, in that they will find their spot close to family, typically in eyesight or close enough to hear. Bulldogs have been known to attach to their parents leg-side when they aren’t eating, sleeping, or active doing something else.

Are collars bad for English bulldogs?

Do collars harm English bulldogs? Yes! Your bulldog should certainly wear a collar and there is no harm in using it as long as it’s made out of a comfortable material and not with you’re using a leash. The primary idea behind a collar is to ensure that your dog wears an identification tag.

How do I know if my dog’s harness is too small?

Your dog’s harness isn’t fitting right if:

  1. They can step or wiggle out of it.
  2. They’re chafing under the armpits or around the harness.
  3. They’re losing fur/hair around the harness area.
  4. The chest strap loosens on your walk.
  5. The back piece rotates to the side.
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How much is a dog supposed to weigh?

Breed Weight Chart

Breed Weight Male Weight Female
German Pinschers 25-45 pounds 25-45 pounds
German Shepherd Dogs 65-90 pounds 50-70 pounds
Giant Schnauzers 60-85 pounds 55-75 pounds
Glen of Imaal Terriers 32-40 pounds 32-40 pounds


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