Who makes Bulldog adhesion promoter?

Technical Details

Manufacturer KLEANSTRIP
Item Weight 1.25 pounds
Package Dimensions 9 x 3 x 3 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Item Package Quantity 1


Should I use adhesion promoter?

Adhesion promoters, or surface modifiers, are extremely important when making some types of adhesive plastic repairs. If the adhesion promoter is not applied when required, or applied incorrectly, the repair will fail. (although there are some exceptions because some plastics do not require adhesion promoters ).

Can you use bare metal adhesion promoter?

3M Adhesion Promoter 111 is generally a first choice for painted surfaces and bare metals. This promoter works on a wide variety of paints and bare metals, the primary exception is textured paints and rough metals where effectiveness can be lower.

Can you use Bulldog adhesion promoter on metal?

Bulldog ® Sealer & Adhesion Promoter is the only one -component sealer and adhesion promoter for the auto body collision repair market that can be used on both primed and painted metal and plastic.

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What is Bulldog adhesion promoter used for?

Bulldog ® Adhesion Promoter is designed to promote paint adhesion to all automotive surfaces, even problem plastics. It works equally well on all flexible or rigid plastics, fiberglass, aluminum, glass, chrome, vinyl, galvanized metal, and painted surfaces.

Do adhesion promoters need a primer?

No special primer is needed, and often top coats can adhere directly to these plastics. An adhesion promoter has one half of it designed to stick to the non-polar plastic, and the other half designed to stick to paint applied over it.

Do you spray adhesion promoter before primer?

In most cases, a plastic adhesion promoter must be applied over bare plastic areas before priming or sealing. Recommendation: AP200 Plastic Adhesion Promoter. Apply 1 to 2 coats of adhesion promoter allowing for a 2- to 5-minute flash between coats. Allow a 5-minute flash before applying primer or sealer.

Is Bulldog adhesion promoter a primer?

Bulldog ® Adhesion Promoter is the premier adhesion promoter for the auto body collision repair market. It is fast drying and provides superior adhesion on all flexible and rigid plastic parts.

Do you let adhesion promoter dry?

DRY & RECOAT Allow more time at cooler temperatures. Dries to touch in 10 minutes and dries to handle in 15-30 minutes. A topcoat must be applied within 10 minutes after primer application.

Can you use adhesion promoter on fiberglass?

Stay away from Bulldog adhesion promoter on something like bare fiberglass. The reason it will wrinkle is because it’s a 1part product. All your good paint products are 2K. The solvents in the top coats will soften the Bulldog product causing it to lift.

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Does ABS need adhesion promoter?

for ABS YOU DO NOT NEED AN ADHESION PROMOTER, it wont hurt if you use it anyway, but it’s NOT going to fail if you don’t.

Does Bulldog adhesion promoter work on aluminum?

Compatible Surfaces: All common automotive plastic substrates, as well as, glass, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass, rubber, vinyl, and painted surfaces. Bulldog is suitable for ground effects, new flexible and rigid bumpers, as well as plastic interior and exterior parts.

How does adhesion promoter work?

Adhesion promoters increase adhesion by incorporating functional additives into the adhesive formulation that can chemically bond to the adhesive and / or the substrate. Strong chemical bonds are formed at the adhesive and substrate interfaces.

What is the meaning of adhesion promoter?

Adhesion promoters are difunctional or multifunctional monomers or oligomers where one or more reactive groups chemically bond to the substrate and the other reactive groups form bonds with the adhesive, thus creating a molecular bridge.

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