How do you measure a trailer jack?

The required weight capacity of tongue jack is determined by calculating the tongue weight of your trailer. The rule of thumb for a boat trailer is 7-10% of the weight of your fully loaded trailer. If you have a 6000lb loaded trailer, using 10% as an example, you would require a tongue jack with a capacity of 600lbs.

Does Harbor Freight carry trailer jacks?

Trailer Jacks – Harbor Freight Tools.

What is trailer jack?

Hitch jacks, also known as trailer jacks or tongue jacks, are used to raise and stabilize a trailer so it can be attached to the towing vehicle. It’s one of many hitch accessories used to make the process of towing a little easier.

Where do you jack up a cargo trailer?

The safest place to jack (IMHO) is under the U-bolt plate, under the spring, just behind the wheel. After all, this is where the weight of the trailer actually transfers to the axles.

How do you free up a trailer jack?

Step 1 How to Repair a Stuck Trailer Jack

  1. Remove the trailer jack from trailer.
  2. Use a 19mm box end wrench to remove the 19mm hex head bolt that secures the jack to the trailer.
  3. Slide the jack off the trailer to remove.
  4. Be sure to safely support the trailer before removing (With a vehicle or jack stands).
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How do you disassemble a trailer jack?

How to Disassemble a Trailer Jack

  1. Clear your trailer of any towed vehicles such as a boat or lawn tractor.
  2. Unbolt the bolts that hold your jack to the trailer.
  3. Lay your jack flat on a work bench and finish removing the mounting bar assembly.
  4. Loosen the bolt on the end of the handle crank.

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