Who invented the bulldog clip?

The binder clip was invented in 1910 by Washington, D.C. resident Louis E. Baltzley, who ultimately was granted U.S. Patent 1,139,627 for his invention.

What are bulldog clips used for?

A bulldog clip is a device for temporarily but firmly binding sheets of paper together. It consists of a rectangular sheet of springy steel curved into a cylinder, with two flat steel strips inserted to form combined handles and jaws.

How are bulldog clips measured?

Hello! Our Small Binder Clips (19mm) would be measured across the top. So for example, if you ordered Small Red Clips, the 19mm would be measured across the top of the red plastic.

What size is a standard bulldog clip?

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This item X-ACTO #1 Bulldog Clips, 1.25 Inches, Box of 36 X-ACTO #2 Bulldog Clips, 2.25 Inches, Box of 36
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Price $1679 $1407
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Item Dimensions 3.25 x 4.25 x 2.75 inches 4 x 5.5 x 3.38 inches
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Why are they called binder clips?

Binder clip, also known as a foldback or banker’s clip. It is called a binder clip because the bent metal clips may be removed, creating a semi-permanent binding (see right). so called because it is a brand name registered in 1944.

Why is a paper clip called a gem clip?

The Norwegian Johan Vaaler is usually called the inventor of the paper clip. Norway had no patent office, so he filed an American patent for a set of square and triangular clips. We call that the Gem paper clip because Middlebrook invented his machine for the Gem Company, in England.

What can binder clips be used for?

Here are 26 ways to use them everywhere:

  • Keep your shower curtain from blowing in on you while showering.
  • Attach holiday lights to the edge of a shelf or bookcase, or the top of your cubicle.
  • Ditch flimsy plastic chip clips for a binder clip.
  • Keep bags of frozen food closed and less prone to freezer burn.

What are binding clips?

These little tools are a handy addition to any sewing kit. They hold fabric in place, but unlike pins, they won’t prick you as you work or leave holes in your fabric. Sewing clips are your answer.

What is the smallest size binder clip?

Description. Micro binder clips have a width on 1/2-Inch and a capacity of 5/32-Inch, and are a great alternative to small or mini binder clips or jumbo paper clips.

Are binder clips rust proof?

Fold 1 handle back, and the clip becomes a handy hanging device. Handles detach for permanent binding. Black, rust – proof steel construction ensures years of use. Specifications.

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Piece Count 48
Brand Office Depot
Assembled Product Weight 3.10 oz


What are the largest binder clips?

Extra- large binder clip features an approximate width of 60mm (2.4″) and a capacity to hold up to 250 sheets. These jumbo binder clips are ideal for organizing and holding together a large stack of documents and files. The loops at the apex are designed to prevent the steel edges from cutting into the paper.

What size is a medium binder clip?

Office DepotĀ® Brand Binder Clips, Medium, 1-1/4″ Wide, 5/8″ Capacity, Black, Pack Of 24 Item # 561339.

What size are the mini binder clips?

Mini binder clips, each 9/16′ wide with 1/4′ capacity, packed 60 per handy, reusable desk-top or drawer storage tub.

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